I am Róbert Majzik,

After I broke my arm and passed a glass grinding exam, I have started engraving at a venture in 1987. Since then, I tried out different kind of materials and I realized that I can do engraving on leather, wood and metal. From the feedbacks I know that people are in need of quality engraving that is not only giving value but also offers aesthetic impressions. And those who can see the virtue inside the engraving can realize that there is a piece of the artist in every object. Therefore, you can find me represented in my work at the gallery section. In case you would like to know more about me or my work, feel free to contact me via email, find me on my social media, or perhaps write me here on the blog!

グラヴィーラーのマイゼィク ローベルトです。1998年より日本在住。ガラス製品や金管楽器に彫刻を施す仕事をしております。名前などワンポイントも可能です。